How to use medicinal cannabis flower

This is what the Urban Leaf Mini looks like fully assembled. You will need to grind your cannabis flower in a manual or electric grinder. Manual griders tend to be the most convenient, as they are small and lightweight. 

Remove the mouthpiece.

Next place your cannabis into the oven. The Urban Leaf Mini holds 0.2g of flower. Be careful to pack it down and not to overload it. The flower should come to the top of the oven and not onto the black portion. You do not need to use all of the cannabis in one sitting, but the oven should always be tightly packed and full.

Finally, replace the mouthpiece and turn on the vaporiser by pressing the power button 5 times. The default temperature is 180 degrees Celsius, the recommended temperature for vaping cannabis flower. You can adjust it in 1 degree increments. When it is at the set tempature, the light in the mouthpiece will change from red to green. 

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Vaporiser Reviews


The PAX 3 is a dry herb vaporiser. I love pretty much everything about the PAX 3. It’s got a convenient large oven size (0.35g), sits upright during oven loading, and has two options for mouth pieces and oven covers. There are also third party improvements available for the oven, allowing more airflow and therefore vapour. The product itself is elegant with good weightiness. There is a concentrate oven insert available as well with the deluxe version. This allows for the use of hash and other concentrates, which cannot be used with the standard version. It is important to note that reviews of PAX 3 often mention that it is much better than the PAX 1 and PAX 2 models. Approx $250

Airistech Herbva 5g

This is a cheap but good dry herb vaporiser. It does not sit upright during oven loading, requiring two hands. There are various options for mouthpieces and accessories. It does not produce much visible vapour, although it is indeed producing vapour. Approx $80

UrbanLeaf Mini

This is a convection dry herb vaporiser, which is said to provide a more even and efficient heating of the cannabis. It has a good weight and smooth draw as well as  an electronic display with precise temperature settings. It is an all round very good vaporiser on the lower end of cost for dry herb vaporisers. I still prefer the PAX 3 overall, the drawbacks being an awkward mouthpiece and holding about half the herb that the PAX 3 holds. Approx $150